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Dissertation book project

Not Just War: Militarism, Civilianism, and the Normative Theory of Democratic Civil-Military Relations



Citizenship, Enmity, and the Normative Theory of Domestic Military Use (2022). Armed Forces and Society

Is Terrorism Necessarily Violent? Public Perceptions of Nonviolence and Terrorism in Conflict Settings. (2023). Political Science Research and Methods. w. Alon Yakter 


Democratic Backsliding, Bureaucratic-Disobedience, and “the Right to Be Wrong” Conception of Civilian Control of the Military 

Militarism, Civilianism, and Democratic Civil-Military Relations 

Beyond the Freedom of the Press (w. Justin Pottle)

Working papers:

Inequality and the American All Volunteer Force

Work in Progress:

Suckers: A moral and Political Treatment (w. Shai Agmon)

Other work:

Research and policy papers (selected)

·  “Israel as the First ‘Intelligence State’”. Liberal Magazine. April 2022  

·  “Road Map” (In Hebrew). Telem 4. August 2020 (W. Shai Agmon).

·  The Right Said: “Give Up Hope” (In Hebrew). Telem 1. June 2019. English translation available at

·  Israel’s National Security and West Bank Settlements. Molad: The Center for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy. December 2017 (With: Yonatan Levi and Shai Agmon).

·  The Strategic Balance of Israel’s Withdrawal from Gaza (2005–2016). Molad: The Center for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy. August 2016.

·  Why the Nuclear Deal is Good for Israel. Molad: The Center for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy. July 2014.


English Op-Eds (Selected)

·  Ben Sasson-Gordis, Avishay. “The Lies That Israel’s Far-Right Leader Told the Wall Street Journal.” December 29, 2022. 

·  Challenging the Israeli Social Contract. Australian Outlook. June 11, 2021.

·  Understanding Netanyahu’s Jordan Valley Declaration. Israel Policy Forum. September 11, 2019

·  A Year In: Iran is Still Bad, the Iran Deal is Still Good. The Jewish Journal. July 25, 2016.

·  Why the Iran Deal is Israel’s Best Alternative. The Huffington Post. July 20, 2015.

·  Where Dayan Goes Wrong on the Arab Peace Initiative. The Daily Beast. September 5, 2013.


Hebrew Op-Eds (selected)

·  Leave the Military out of it. Haaretz. May 13, 2021.  [responding to a call by PM Netanyahu to use the military to disperse domestic protests and ethnic clashes]

·  Two Axes to Escape the Political Gridlock. Haaretz. April 24, 2018. [discussing the sources of left-center-right divide on solutions for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict]

·  When Your Date Starts Collecting Intelligence About You. Haaretz. March 23, 2017. [opposing a proposal to permit government information collection on left wing NGOs]

·  They Only Understand Force. The Seventh Eye (העין השביעית). January 12, 2017. [arguing that Netanyahu and Yediot’s publisher’s talks are a profound failure of their democratic responsibility]

·  The Left Should Realize, International Help isn’t on its Way. Haaretz. December 26, 2016.