Research and publications


Dissertation book project

Not Just War: Normative Theory of Democratic Civil-Military Relations


Is Terrorism Necessarily Violent? Public Perceptions of Nonviolence and Terrorism in Conflict Settings. (2023). Political Science Research and Methods. w. Alon Yakter 

Citizenship, Enmity, and the Normative Theory of Domestic Military Use (2022). Armed Forces and Society

Under Review:

Democratic Backsliding, Bureaucratic-Disobedience, and “the Right to Be Wrong” Conception of Civilian Control of the Military 

Militarism, Civilianism, and Democratic Civil-Military Relations 

Beyond the Freedom of the Press (w. Justin Pottle)

Working papers:

Rethinking the Civic Republican Argument for Peacetime Military Conscription

Work in Progress:

Civil-Military Relations Lessons from the Israeli 2023 Reservists Protest (w. Risa Brooks)

Suckers: A moral and Political Treatment (w. Shai Agmon)

Research and Policy: